Monday, July 25, 2005



Dir: Peter Bogdanovich

Super sentimental story of a deformed teenager balancing his troubled mother and growing up. Cher and Sam Elliot give fine performances, but the show is stolen by a young Eric Stoltz who is absolutley impeccable as Rocky. Having seen this movie several times, but not for quite a few years, it was fun to revisit it (although I do admit I missed the first 15 minutes or so; Michelle had it on when I walked into the room. Can I still blog it?).

The movie does a fine job with the main story, but it is the development of the sub plots that make it memorable. The mother's battles with drugs and relationships add depth and complexity to the story of Rocky. Indeed, it is rare to see this biker sub-culture so compassionately portrayed in a film, let alone alongisde another compassionate plot.

The score is Springsteen heavy, which gives it high marks in my book. On odd thing, though; "Born in the USA" is featured near the end. That was 1984, and the action in the movie takes place in 1980. Everywhere else he shows up, the Boss is on the radio in the movie, featuring songs from "Born to Run"(1975) and "The River" (1980), which fit the time period.

TCM showes a director's cut, apparently, as Michelle swore there were new scenes (she is more familiar with the text than I). If they were new, the scenes she pointed out both detracted from the movie.

I am sure you all have seen it. If you haven't, do so.