Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Babette's Feast

1988 Ocasr Best Foreign Language Film

Dir: Gabriel Axel

Sensuality trumps austerity in this Dutch film celebrating food and love. Cloistered and pious nothern Sweden is enlightened by Babette's exiled Revolutionary French cuisine. The story is well worn, but I wager most of that triteness is ripping off this movie. Like Water for Chocolate, Chocolat, etc. are taking cues from this fun and entertaining 1987 flick.

Of course, the narrative is right in Marcus' wheelhouse. Food liberates the repressed masses?!? OK, I'm there. The cooking and ingredient scenes are abolsutely pornographic in this movie (Quail stuffed with Truffles!) and the wine is sublime. God love this movie for celebrating the sensual of French cuisine like this. God love the French. Politics aside, the French are my favorite.

A recent trend in our culinary world is to be celebrated. Adkins is dead. But chefs like Batali and Emeril (I know, shudder) tout flavor. Hate Emeril's bravado, but love the fact that his audience applauds pork fat and butter in food. Food is liberatory; sensuality makes our lives worth living. Luxury and indulgence are good. This movie embodies that.

Uplifing film. Watch when hungry.