Sunday, September 18, 2005

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Dir: Nicholas Meyer (The Day After, Star Trek VI)


I was going to watch a Robert Wise film tonight, tonight. But, I figure I'd leave West Side Story to Marcus and the other ones I own (Sound of Music, Day the Earth Stood Still), I've seen recently. So, next best thing; watch the sequel to a film he directed (a bit of a stretch, I know).

This is the best Star Trek film of the entire series. The extension of a plot that is rooted in the original TV series is part of the brilliance of this film. Not many TV-to-big screen adaptation have that much reverence and respect for the actual TV show. There really isnt much to wax philosophical about (unless we want to discuss the various tensions between passions and logic that are problematized in this film). But, I digress.

Watch it, its fun. But first, enjoy a real Robert Wise film (as I see Marcus has done--although I think you do not give Wise enough credit on WWS; I do wish co-directions were more acceptable).


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