Monday, October 31, 2005

Meet your DOOM

Doom- Director- somebody awful
Starring- The Rock

What do you say when you witness a marvel of American cinema in person? You say "Wow!"
What do you say when you see Doom? You get your gun and go kill some space demons created by horrifying genetic experimentation. The first hour of this movie was actually not that bad. It was much better than a few other movies I have seen inspired by video games (Resident Evil anyone?). They do a relatively good job of building up the story, operate with a very nice wink the camera about the cliched versions of the Space Marines going to find some extra-terrestrial evil and destroy it. Even the backstory involving a mild bit of flirtation between a marine and his cohorts' sister effectively generates some chuckles.
The movie really loses its way about an hour and twenty minutes into the narrative. At this point the Marines have succesfully unmasked the psychotic genetic plot at the heart of the collapse of the scientific plot on Mars when a major (read: crappy) plot twist takes place. After a lot of bizarre stuff is sorted out, we are "treated" to an action scene filmed entirely in the first person. I have seen the remake of Rollerball featuring the totally unecessary night vision scenes, and I even saw Cabin Boy (represent Paroske!). Nothing in these two movies can even come close to comparing the utter garbage that is this first person action scene which tries to transplant the video game experience to the big screen in the name of Doom. I would definitely say that this movie is undoubtedly worse than another spacefaring power adventure without peer: AVP.



Blogger ronvon2 noted on 11/01/2005 12:29:00 AM that...

With all the good films out there, you decided to go see Doom...I guess we did go see AVP.