Sunday, March 05, 2006


(Dir.- James Cameron- The Terminator)

On the morn of the Oscars, I revisited the movie which won more of those little gold bastards than any ever. In true Marcusian fashion (our boy, not the Marxist) Titanic is one of my irrational prejudice movies, and I had no seen it in a very long time. But HBO decided to remedy this problem for me- and apologies to whoseever already posted about this movie, I could not find it.
I started watching it at like 1 AM, and thought, I will never finish this beast. It was long to begin with, and I do not remember much liking this movie. Well when I went to bed at 4 AM or whatever I had to admit- this was a pretty good movie. I maintain the profanity should have been harsher throughout(the SHIP IS SINKING!!) but in today's era on PG-13 for the big bucks .
I think it drags a bit at the beginning and the end, but this really is the most serious criticism I can level- this reluctant watcher became more compelled by the minute. Two scenes in particular really stand out to me- I like when the Captain has the sinking realization (punnery abounds!) that his ship is done for, and I also liked the scene where the ship was attacked by the giant man eating squid. Ok, that didn't happen, but it would've been totally sweet.


Blogger Omri noted on 3/05/2006 07:33:00 PM that...

In my version of the movie, the squid would also talk.  

Blogger ronvon2 noted on 3/05/2006 11:37:00 PM that...

Well, Leo talked, does that pass your film enhancement criteria?  

Blogger Omri noted on 3/06/2006 12:08:00 AM that...

Don't be absurd - that wasn't realistic at all.