Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Dir: Paul Haggis

See my previous review.

Whereas Brokeback Mountain improved under a second viewing, I found that Crash diminshed somewhat. Not that it is less than awe inspiring, not that it still isn't one of the best race pictures I have ever seen. But the visceral reaction to the intertwining plot lines, the shock at the characters and the unexpected twists that occur in seemingly every scene loses some of its punch when we know what is going to happen.

I panned the acting in the first review, but that was too judgmental. I was letting Fraser and Bullock stand in for the the rest of the cast. Ludacris continues to stand out for his performance. Cheadle and Dillon are really great. And the rest of the supporting cast seemed much more compelling than it did last time. The plot and writing are so good that the first time through you can't really pay attention to anything else.

Boy, tough call between this and Brokeback. Two very, very good films.